Welcome to the mydreamfurniture.com website the home of Impression Art & Decoration based in Montreal, Quebec. We design and decorate made to measure furniture including Beds, Armoires, Dressers, Chests, night tables, Tables, Desks, chairs, vanities, accent pieces and Buffets or Hutches. When you purchase one of our pieces you will choose its form and style, color and decorative finish from a wide variety of styles including Renaissance, Baroque, Victorian and Arts and Crafts. Each piece that we produce is unique, hand made by our selected local craftsmen and the design supervised by Elda Ozkalfayan the owner and creative power behind Impressions Art & Decoration. While you control every aspect of the selection, color and finish you also get a piece of our heart. Sometimes its difficult when we have to send the finished piece to you! The only comfort we have is that while we'll never see anything like it again, you will have the pleasure of it for the rest of your life. Because all we can promise you is that once you have one of our pieces your life, in a small way, will never be quite the same again.

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